Payroll Services

Put us at the helm of your payroll situation.

When a business has payroll challenges, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in disarray. However, if persistent payroll challenges aren’t solved, they will send a business into a troubling, never-ending spiral.

When you take care of your payroll, you take care of your people.

Ride with Plus Minus through payroll challenges!

Our flexible, full tilt payroll processing and related services are designed to help you focus on business as usual, knowing that experts are handling the payroll. We calculate your payroll amounts (including employer and employee taxes), complete payroll preparation and tax reporting, print checks, make automatic tax payments, file reports, and provide online administration of your payroll system.

Welcome to the Plus Minus Payroll Estimation form. By giving us the answers to a few simple questions, we can help you see how easy and affordable it can be to have your payroll be fully managed.

Have questions or need help? Give us a call. We'd be happy to speak with you about the unique needs of your business!

Every Payroll Period

  1. Prepare payroll checks and earnings statements.
  2. Prepare a payroll register, department summary, tax summary, direct deposit report, PTO report, and cash requirement report.
  3. Prepare new hire reporting.
  4. Provide employee payment options: signed and sealed check, direct deposit, payroll debit card.
  5. Offer flexible input options: PlusMinus Online Payroll, PlusMinus PC Payroll, e-mail, phone or fax.
  6. Secure electronic delivery of payroll reports and payment vouchers.

Each Tax Period

We automatically deposit all payroll taxes on your behalf:

  1. Federal Withholdings and FICA Taxes
  2. Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)
  3. State Withholding and State Unemployment
  4. Local Taxes (Where Applicable)


We automatically prepare, file, and supply:

  1. Federal and State payroll tax returns
  2. Local tax returns where applicable
  3. Copies of all filings for your records
  4. Employee quarterly earnings summaries


We automatically prepare, file, and supply:

  1. Employer Federal and State W-2s with W-3 recap
  2. Form 940 Federal Unemployment Tax Return
  3. Employee W-2s/1099s in pressure sealed envelopes
  4. Copies of all filings for your records
  5. Year-end summary reports

These are items are included with any option listed above:

  1. PlusMinus online payroll tax deposits and filings
  2. Signed and sealed checks
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Employee pay stubs by e-mail
  5. Payroll reports by e-mail

Payroll Estimate Questions

Please complete the form below. If you have questions, we're here to help!

Company Information

Initial Setup

This is a one time fee for the creation and set up of your account.
$5.00 Employee
This fee is for converting previous/existing data into our system.

Pay Frequency

Please select your payment schedule.
If you're not sure, please select the closest estimation to your needs.

Service Summary

The number of employees who will be receiving a check.
$5.00 Run
Do you need paid time off (PTO) tracking?


$12.00 Delivery
$3.00 Delivery
Please select the option that best meets your needs.

Additional Services (Per Occurrence)

This is a one-time fee per report.
$2.00 Employee
This fee is per employee.
$4.25 Agency Check
This fee is per agency and per check.

Year End

This is included as part of our base fee.
$4.25 Employee
This fee is per employee.

Keeping Time with FlexClock

FlexClock is physical hardware that exists onsite for time management.

Keeping Time with SwipeClock

This is a one-time fee.
The number of employees using SwipeClock.
SwipeClock is web-based software for time management.

Anything else?

Anything else you'd like us to know about your business?
The approximate total for your services based on the information you entered above.

Disclaimer: The estimate presented above is a guide to your expected costs and is not a fixed quote for the services. Every company is different and we expect that when we meet with you and review your specific needs, the actual cost may be higher or lower.

Quote series [icon]
  • PlusMinus is one of those local businesses that you enjoy working with—they are always responsive, friendly and always working with your best interests at heart. Everyone makes mistakes, and payroll is complicated stuff, but what sets PlusMinus apart is how they immediately rectify a mistake and ensure that the solution completely resolves the issue without further action needed. That’s what I call service!

    Greg Kulander, Huntington Learning Center

  • I love your payroll services! You are prompt and efficient.

    Andy Paris, Paris Brothers Construction

  • I have worked with numerous payroll companies since the early 90s, and have never been more pleased with my experience than with PlusMinus. Their attention to detail and customer service is great. They always go the extra mile. One month our paychecks were lost in the mail, and Syna actually hand delivered them to us. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Gretchen, Johnny Sole Shoes

  • Plus Minus is a great accounting firm. They are always quick to respond when I call, and they provide thoughtful answers to my many questions! Their payroll service is the best! What an awesome team!

    ​Patrick Peralta